Thursday, July 01, 2010

2nd ½ year of 2010... Are u aware of that?

½ of 2010 is gone.. 6 mths already left! Time flies.. Are u on the
track? Are u achieving your goals and dreams? Are you on the way to
Australia, Armsterdam & Atlanta?

Today is the 2nd half of the year, 180 days ago you have the new
vision, new target, new azam, have u achieve at least HALF of it??

I would really encourage u to increase your FOCUS, STRRRETCH your
limit, BELIEVE that you can achieve ALL the dreams including your
dream Car, dream Holiday, dream Income & dream Lifestyle!

JM Mahadi BZ and Msisters are willing to show u, guide u and bring u
to the next level! Talk to us.. Sms/bbm us about your good news or
challenge and how we can help u....because we really want to see all
of u become successful!

Monalisa and Platinum vision for 2010 is to make sure ALL our team
member becoming MDRT 5050!
*MDRT 5050- at least rm200k FYP and rm3.3mil UT!

One of the BEST WAY to achieve this is by attending training
CONSISTENTLY every Wednesday and Saturday! So I'll see u on this
coming Saturday @10am at Monalisa TTDi for the amazing short-seminar!

Let us make a CHANGE so that another 6mths from now will be the BEST
months for us! Yeaahhhh!!

JM Mahadi BZ

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