Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Group Employee Benefit (GEB) Talk By Nick Nitia

Nick says 'Once You are in GEB Business, You Will Never Leave"

Come and listen and learn from the expert who have made it BIG!

You too can be as successful if you know how.

Good news!
We have invited a very special guest speaker, Nick Nitia, a veteran
top performer in Group Employee Benefits (GEB) with a portfolio of
running into multiple million Ringgit every year.

Join us and get a first hand experience from Nick!
• How you can sell more GEB insurance and Enlarge Your Income Easily
Thru Cross Selling.
• How your GEB customers will stick to you and will never opt for
another agent or company.
• How your GEB customers will give you more Life insurance and UT
business and you never have to seek out new account any more.
• How you can become a MDRT qualifier through GEB easily.
• And More!

Don't miss this opportunity. Register with your ADC today.

Date : 19th October (Tuesday)
Time : 2pm to 5 pm
Venue : CWA Home Office, Training Room 1

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