Friday, October 22, 2010

Red Saturday Training @ Monalisa PWA TTDI 23/10/10

"Its Possible to achieve for Amsterdam and be cash rich by submitting insurance cases towards year end"

This saturday 23rd Oct training
will be organised by our
Brand Ambassador En Mahatir BZ and Champion of EPF and retail En Zafarul,
 both trainer carries the branding of Platinum WA and Monalisa Private WA to encourage people to be like us and built relationship wt customers, besides their personal sales.
Dear Wealth Advisors,
come for our amazing training and we will reveal more and more secret either you are sometime in this industry or even for a new comer.
Lastly, Come along with downlines, groups and with full energy or else money will say bye bye,
MDRT will say see you next year. Chance of a  life time, don't misssss!
See you tommorow sharp at 10am,
Monalisa PWA, TTDI


Mahatir Badrul Zaman
Zafarulaly Abd Mazeed

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