Monday, January 31, 2011

Go MDRT Experience 28k EIP FYP or 40k Points INS

Dear Super Recruiter n Super achiever INS + Super automate UTrust champions!!

I am your GM Insurance. I am responsible to bring u my dynamic champions to a Greater Heights and feel the amazing INS 6years automate rewards u may get in 2011 !!

(A) we are very very Luck to have the most number of MDRTs in our oragnizations! 1st year in Insurance 6out of 6 are our Family who qualifies! 2nd years also we are the majority! And I believe with.

2011 drive RECRUIT + INS + Automate Utrust we can produce 50 MDRT !!

(B) let's start with qualifying MDRT Experience. 40k Points INS or 28k FYP EIP/ESP/GIP qualifies u to this LIFE CHANGING Event. Whyy? Because when u qualify this, I can GUARANTEE you, u are MDRT this year!! The Great energy, the feel, experiencing this event... Its really an eye opener!!

(C) MillionaireSisters would like to extend my hand and support to Help you qualify, submit 28k FYP standard case to GARY this Monday!


(D) Congrats to HANIZA, MSISTERS ELYNN, JM MAHADI, MAHATHIR, RINA, MARINI, MICHEL whom have qualified to Singapore MDRT EXPERIENCE 24-26th Feb + 1 day Universal studio (rm1k cash extra for 60k points)

(F) Go all out this weekend to your family members, friends, clients, upsell or anything or anyone!! I have seen many of my team in previous years, demanding their best n submit+approve+qualify on their last day! I know it can be u as well :)

(G) I love to see success and let's duplicate this to all new recruits.

Success Breeds success ! Bring 3 dynamic dlines every BOP wednesdays! 9th Feb 8pm @Monalisa.

Its Super Great Feeling when I see people do well !

When you are TEACHABLE and COMMITTED, u attract More MONEY and SUCCESS !!

Email/Sayy YES "I Qualify MDRT Experience! I submit 40k points or 28k FYP Monday"

Care for your Success,

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