Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Exciting Skill Training Today at 5.30om

Dear Msisters and Monalisa team

"share u my tools, what I showed on my Ipad to make the client invest with me"... By C7 Azwan

1) I am very excited about the tools azwan use to present. Let's make it today FULL House to learn and upgrade ourself to the Latest Technology and latest presentation method ...

2) Impress our client that None other agents are using this currently! As we MSisters and Monalisa, we are always Trendsetter in what ever we do .. Always be the 1st to accept changes, Be the 1st to lead insurance and wealth advisor!

3) I am very very excited also to share 10minutes on my GM insurance slot on how to close INS Retail!!!! Everyday ,, very very sharp Skills on closing clients INS within 1hour - all done!
10k-30k FYP daily is sooooo achievable and not forgetting our suppperr easy UTrust 50k per day

4) Get all your dlines to be there to BENEFIT .. All GM s will have something good news and great SKILL today in our
Newly SKILL Training concept!

I can GUARANTEE you, u will learn a lot today !


RECRUITMENT is our blood and I Love INSURANCE :)

From the desk of your GM Insurance,

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