Monday, February 28, 2011

Go guarantee!! From the desk of GM insurance

Dear MSisters and Monalisa,

1) We are looking for TOP10 as at 28th Feb Guarantee FYP Champions !

2) Update me before 10pm today your SUBMISSION Guarantee FYP sales!

**Who is our Guarantee FYP Champion??

3) I can feel now many are submitting their GUARANTEE FYP sales for New york 125k by June !

4) More and More new comers/downlines Plus existing UT champs are submitting after attending Group meeting with MSisters 4pm last Wednesday on the 3concepts!

(A) We have our AM and UT group champs JAYEN who use 1st concept and close in 10mins 6k EIP , and all done!!! 

Well done Jayen!!

(B) We have our UT champions ZAFARUL who just submitted 3 GIP cases today!!! This news I got it from HQ!!! All are amazed with MSisters and Monalisa team who submitted EIP Easily and Effortlessly EVERYDAY !!! 

....Well done ZAFARUL

(C) we have our NEW wealth advisors in FYP JAFFRIN !!! Just sign up PCEexam , and good news coming up, maybe 3 cases Annual Today?? .. Jaffrin attended MSisters Group meeting4pm wednesday

5) Come this week 4pm WEDNESDAY MS group meeting/Fast track to know more about 3concepts of MAGIC EIP, easily and effortlessly 6k-36k FYP everyday!

Get ready with your book and ipad to copy EXACT SCRIPT that surely
Make u champion in EIP, qualify New york

MillionaireSisters and Mahadi are excited to help u !!!

Let's attend again and again 4pm WEDNESDAY Group meeting/Fast track. Open for Membership, get all your new dlines Basic Pack, Super pack and Master Pack to attend

Email YES wednesday 4pm Group meeting@Fast Track EIP !

Go EIP! Go Guarantee

Love and Support from your GM Insurance,

MillionaireSisters Akmar

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