Saturday, February 19, 2011

Haizul & Rina closed 60k fyp again!!

Hi MSisters and Monalisa,

Another amazing news fr Insurance!!! RINA HAIZUL collected another 60k FYP .. Total now is 120k FYP!!!! 

.... Just another 5k To achieve NYork!!!  Well done !!!!

Come tomorrow pwa @10am training to hear sharing for all TOP8 @as 18th Feb(submission):

(Email me for latest update so that I can alter you/your dlines ranking)

1) HANIZA. (MSisters) rm 125k FYP

2) RINA (MSisters) rm 120k FYP

3) MAHADI BZ (Monalisa) rm 70k FYP

4) AZWAN (MSisters) rm 60k FYP

5) MSisters AKMAR (MSisters) rm 58,100 FYP

6) MICHEL@Siti Fairuz (MSisters) rm 46k FYP

7) ALI. (Monalisa) rm 30,200

8) Kak SITA (MSisters) rm 6250 FYP

*** Mahathir (Monalisa) has 70k FYP in hand, waiting to submit

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