Thursday, February 24, 2011

Smaller Success leads to Bigger Success - From the desk of GM Insurance

Dear MSisters and Monalisa Team,

I am very very excited with this week FYP success, Many amazing stories. 

After 2hours+ Fast Track with MillionaireSisters yesterday, you are ready to meet clients, close ANY AMOUNT Today. Go for 30k FYP or at least one case today of any amount.

"Smaller Success Leads to Bigger Success" keep on trying.. Keep on Going. Its ok to make mistakes, as u learn from the mistakes

Email me your amazing FYP result or FYP case today!

I love EIP! I love Guarantee!
Go 125k FYP before June, By en Feb, we should have collected 42k FYP to make us on track with 125k NYork!

Email YES,, I close on the spot EIP today!!

Love and Care for your Success,
MillionaireSisters Akmar

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