Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Congratulation Mahadi. We are so proud of you!

Dear Mahadi,

Both MSisters would like to congratulate on your amazing outstanding, COT!! U are incredible! Well done and we are very proud of u

U are an inspiration to all cwa !

To all MDRTs,

Congrats for taking the courage to be the pioneers of cwa in 1st year and continuously being mdrt in 2nd year. Also, to 1st time qualifiers, congrats on the amazing determination and passion to be in the world class recognition. 

Let's do it over and over again and extending our hand to all dlines. With 8 mdrts, let's pray that CWA have 80 mdrts this year!

"Once MDRT, Forever MDRT"

We salute all of u!

Love and Support,

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