Saturday, May 14, 2011

Well done ARFAH !! 3 Fully Paid Master Pack downlines Today! Our Potential AM in June!

Well done ARFAH !! Today alone, ARFAH has 3downlines sign up full
payment master pack !!
ARFAH is very serious in recruiting downlines for MEP 100k income in
100 days! She's going for her AMship in June2011 ! We support u Arfah
Also, well done to NAZRI (Kelantan) 1 master pack full paid dline this
week! Let's get all our Downlines to sign up this week so that we can
rush them for Exams in June, and PCE exam next week! They can start
selling EIP and A-EXCEL now now :)  (after PCE computerize) and earn
100k income in 100 days!
Together we Grow and Qualify New York, MDRT and Monte carlo!
Also, Together we Become Fastest AM and Fastest GAM
Bring 5dlines this wednesday BOP@Monalisa
Your Success is Very Personal to Me,

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