Wednesday, June 29, 2011

MEP BOP Today 8pm registration -Monalisa - invite your Amazing NEW FERRARI

"We are Wealthy, Money is Good, We Use Money and We LOVE People" - You were Born rich by Bob Proctor

We Love People! Let's Help more Malaysians to earn 100k in 100 days Income!

"Potential is EveryWhere Always"

Help EVERYONE that we meet, Share MEP2 program, Get excited!

"If we Can't, Then We MUST"

If we can't recruit, then We MUST recruit. Recruitment is in our Blood

"Persistence Always Pays"

Keep on RECRUITING and Getting our Potential downlines/amazing new ferrari to come BOP

They are waiting for us to show them the way.

Happy Recruiting! See u with your Amazing New Ferrari 8pm MEP BOP
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