Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A-Excel ~ Family Takaful Endowment Plan is open for sale

We are pleased to bring to you A-Excel ~ a regular contribution Family Takaful Endowment Plan which provides a combination of Takaful Protection and Savings. A-Excel is also the 1st Family Takaful Endowment plan with earliest cash payout in the market, start from 2nd year onwards.



§      A packaged product consisting Endowment Plan and Survival Benefit Rider.

§      The Best Takaful Savings Plan in the market - 10% Cash Payout of the basic sum covered paid every end of two certificate years until certificate maturity at year 20

§      Protection Benefit – Death Benefit & Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Benefit

§      Hibah – added distribution benefit for A-Excel and not subjected to the limitation as Faraid and Wasiyah*. The owner of the certificate has the flexibility to transfer the certificate without beneficiary's consent in his/her lifetime.

§      Various riders available to complement your protection needs - Enhanced Advance Payment Waiver of Contribution, Critical Illness Waiver of Contribution, Contributor's Benefit and Contributor's Benefit (Critical Illness)    


Family Takaful Rate Book version 1.2 and the Family Takaful Illustration System (FTIS) version 1.3 incorporated with A-Excel and Survival Benefit are now available for download in Assist-AIA Direct.


Grab this GOLDEN opportunity to promote this new Family Takaful Endowment Plan – A-Excel to your clients and at the same time qualify for all our attractive insurance campaigns!


Happy Selling!

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