Thursday, October 20, 2011

Recruitment is our BIG Picture and for Business LONG TERM Growth

Dear MillionaireSisters and JM group,

1) Recruitment is our continuous DAILY business!

2) Let's attend and bring your potential downlines, friends to SS2Mall ,

26th Oct
Killeney Kopitiam SS2Mall.

3) Recruit 10 new direct downlines for the next 2months to PREPARE your 2012 Business Growth!

The next 2months are VERY Important Months! Those new recruits for 2012 business achievements! So that we can start n take off 2012 as early as January!

How about Having your TGS and Group captured FYP take off from January n complete your AM or GAM as early as March?
... Also MDRT in March 2012! Cos when u recruit, Automatically your Personal Sales INCREASE! :)

4) With our positioning of recruitment energy TOGETHER with personal sales, U may achieve BOTH success! Group and Personal sales Together!

Love and Support,

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