Friday, January 27, 2012

Royal MDRT MSA Gala Dinner 28th Dec 2011 At Carcosa Seri Negara

Carcosa Seri Negara was the venue of our first MDRT MSA GALA Dinner which was held on the
28th December 2011. The dinner which was the first time that our agencies Millionairesisters Group and Monalisa Private Wealth Advisors organised such a dinner to celebrate and recognise our award winners of 2011.

This Carcosa event is NOT only a celebration events for achievers BUT MOST Important is for VIBRATIONS to all UTC, AS, AM, GAM. Everyone of us, We want everyone to receive and bring back something valuable that make our teams 2012 a superb Great amazing Year!

This is some of the highlight of the event:
We had GAM Syahril in attendance, achieving 10 times Million Sales Achiever (MSA) in 2011 (means doing rm 1 million for 10 months in 2011?) How does he do it? It was great VIBRATIONS for all of us where we can learn from the best!

As leaders in the buisness we want our team members to be SELF DRIVEN Towards achieving 10times MSA in 2012? 

We also had our first time MDRT qualifier MICHEL who did MSA and MDRT in 2011. The same year, achieved BOTH! 

We also had some amazing mothers who achieved EVERY YEAR MDRT like Gam Marini who was pregnant but still achieved her MDRT and GAM Hawa for ahieving her MSA in 2011. This is a strong message for all of us, Even pregnant also can achieve MDRT and Many times MSA! 

MS Elynn did MDRT Every year CONSISTENTLY. GAM Mahadi did his COT for 2 consequetive years. 
The awards given that night were as follow:
a) Top Wealth Preservation Achiever
b) Chieng Mai Qualifier
c) Top Recruiter Award
d) Millionnaire Entrepreneur Project (MEP) Winner Phase 1
e) King / Queen of FYP Amount
f) GAM and AM Category
g) AS/UTC Category
h) New York Qualifier
i) Premier Club Qualifier
j) MSA (Million Sales Achiever)
k) World Class MDRT
l) COT

Here are some photos of the events.


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