Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wednesday 5pm Soe

Hi dynamic Msisters!

1)Do u want to learn from our top Unit Trust Consultant "Tycoon JAYEN" who closed rm75k in a day?

2)Do you want to be expert in AMMA.. Tycoon jayen just closed rm4800 Annual today.

3)Do you want to attract more success into your life? Learn law of attraction from Msisters

4)Do you want to attract more Unit trust sales and ELI? Learn from amazing tycoon aida

5)Do you want to attract big insurance WLNP and ELI ? Annual premium 10k? 60k? Duplicate this success pattern from Michel

6)Do you want to attract more dynamic dlines? Zafarul is a magnet in recruitment. He produces superstar Rose! Just in 2 weeks submit 150k and 2dlines! Amazing!

Come to SOE 5pm WEDNESDAY, session by Zafarul and friends...

WEDNESDAY 8pm Business Opportunity Presentation-

MSisters has decided strongly to start a new fast track entreprenuer project called
young millionaire entrepreneur programme (YMEP). Bring 2 future Millionaires to be coached, guided by MSisters!

Love n Care for your Success,


" This is your training ground to become award winning Gam ..be committed to pwa and be aligned and you will learn deeply and achieve success at an amazing speed."

"Activities create RESULTS"


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