Thursday, May 28, 2009

Special Training by our Super Trainer Zamsari 30th May 09, 10am - "Life after ELI"

Gooood Morning Champions..

This saturday we have invited a special guest just for you... Our marvelous trainer from CIMB Wa, Zamsari will be coming esspecially for us to train on "Life After ELI".

Some of your must be wondering how can you qualify Macau/HK when there's no more 3g product. How can i get big premiums if i can only sell normal life insurance product. Maybe you haven't even tried selling life insurance so you might not have any idea how to go about it?

Fear not... because we have invited the Creator of 3in1 in CIMB WA which is Zamsari!!! Zamsari will be coming to our agency because we are the top insurance sales producing agency in the whole of CIMB WA.

Zamsari will come and teach us on the following...
  1. Total Financial Freedom
  2. Whole Life Non Par positioning
  3. Insurance sales positioning and opening cases that focus on numbers
  4. Grow your business form  zero to million
Im so excited especially about the last topic which is from how to grow your business from Zero to Million. Our training will start at 10am sharp. I believe everyone will be on time because we have invited a special guest this Saturday. If you still feel doubt about selling insurance i really urge you to come for this training as Zamsari has tremendous experience dealing in Insurance.

We are goin to have an exciting and fun time with zamsari as our trainer. Email "yes im so excited" if you're committed to come for the training.

Here's to your massive success!!!!



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