Monday, August 24, 2009

CIMB Finalised Top 10 Platinians Explorer Award (Hong Kong Macau Trip) Wave 1 and the Trip Qualifiers

Congrats to Msisters Group!
Wow! 30% from All CIMB Qualifiers comes from Platinum!!

The Qualifiers are,

1)Msister Akmar
2)Msister Elynn (Qualified Both category Group FYP and Personal FYP)
3)AM Aida Afzianti
4)Tycoon Siti Fairus
5)Apprentice Marina
6)Tycoon Shima
7)Tycoon Sherinna
8)AS Mariyah

Top 10 Group FYP

Champion 1) Msister Akmar
                4)Msister Elynn
                8)AM Aida Afzianti

Top 20 Personal FYP

Champion 1) Tycoon Siti Fairus
                4)Msister Elynn
                6)Apprentice Marina
                11)Tycoon Shima
                17)Tycoon Sherinna
                20)AS Mariyah

Platinians ,we are always Top and win All awards ... Let's continue this Spirit for Premier Club Qualifiers


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