Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Latest MDRT Progress Report

Dear Msisters and Monalisa group,

This is the latest MDRT Progress Report. Congrats to these names from Msisters and Monalisa:

1) Mahadi
2) MSisters Akmar
3) Nukman
4) Haizul
5) Razim
6) Kak Sita
7) Ali
8) Miss Pau
9) Catherine
10) Zurina
11) MSisters Elynn
12) Zamri

U are TOP in CWA !

Out of TOP30 in CWA we have 12 from our group!Well done !

Let's become MDRT before MDRTVancouver convention in JUNE 2010

Let me know if u need any help because ...... Your Success is Very Very Personal to me


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